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Today's technology allows for high-quality production without the necessities of large production teams and complex processes. Yet this makes not only the creation much simpler and more ecofriendly, but it also makes it - available to You. Visit me on Vimeo.

Who We Are

One mind. Making creation fast, consistent, and efficient. Fueled by passion.

Face of entrepreneur Fabian Lehmann, AdventureGraph, Videograph and Photograph from Innsbruck. Professional, good, and uncomplicated.

Fabian Lehmann

Content Creator, Videographer, and Photographer

The Freerider, the Physicist, the Entrepreneur

With an affection to extreme sports, a combination of creative mind and analytic thought, and a love to nature. Based in Innsbruck. Experienced in capturing film and photographs under difficult conditions and creating audience-targeted audiovisual compositions. An open mind for new ideas and the drive to create. A discoverer - with a sincere interest in Your story.

Why Choose Us

Because you have something to show the world - let us tell the story!


Our simplification approach allows for efficiency first, we don't make a cinema production out of your local business presentation - unless you want us to.

Affinity and Creativity .

Our creations inspire and captivate people. We are at home with what we present, confidence through experience. We can relate to our consumers so well, because we are consumers.


Knowledge, technology, experience, making the difference between a good snapshot and a great photograph, between a film clip and an inspiring movie. If you take yourself serious, why not take your visual image serious?

Tell your adventure! Let's work together!