“Micro videos are THE future tool of communication.”

- Fabian Lehmann, M.Sc. Physics, Founder AdventureGraph

AdventureGraph Micro Videos

We specialize in storytelling with Micro Videos and Quick Shots - with high quality and professionally crafted.

  • What are Micro Videos?

    Imagine you combine the best parts of a traditional video into something that everyone can watch in 10-60 seconds.
    A new, modern approach to the world of media. Reaching more people. Making it easy to keep interest high with more and more up to date content.

  • Why you can use Micro Videos.

    Micro Videos are easy to watch and deliver focused information in the shortest time. Close to todays users, moving images attracting attention.
    No matter if athlete, entrepeneur, or destination, Micro Videos are the future - from the product advert of an artist to the image video of a bakery.

  • Why professional beats do-it-yourself.

    In todays world our vision is flooded with images, videos, impressions. Attracting attention is possible delivering quality.
    Plus we offer the full package: From idea to delivery we optionally manage everything for you.
    If drone or 4K resolution, our experience is your value.


Memorable moments are connected to stories. Stories let us grasp interest. You can muse about stories.

A Micro Video is more than just an impression - it about storification.

And in the same way a story develops over time, storytelling helps to keep long term interest when providing content on a regular basis.


  • What does it cost?

    A Micro Video isn't a Hollywood production.
    With the variety, uniqueness, and the countless possibilities of a Micro Video the price varies.
    A professional Micro Video together with a few Quick Shots and a short accompanying text. All simple takes, doable within a day: Such a package starts at about 299€.
    In the end the price is a question of workload. Let's talk about your idea - I am happy to advise.