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An overview of possible drone videos including winter sports and mountainbiking.

FPV-Drones - Video Production

“The world like you've never seen before.”

Unparalleled perspectives. Indoor. Outdoor.
Precise. Dynamic. Innovative presentation.

Modern technology with flexible FPV drones allows for astonishing shots: Imagine a camera on wings with the agility of a bird. Much more dynamic than the common drone and an ideal asset in traditional film work. Everything ready in minutes, without need for a large team. The sky is the limit.

Now as easy as never before.

A drone photography of an Alpine glacier in the mountains.

We are customized.

Our film production is more than just videos.

  • Sports
  • Cinematic
  • Tourism
  • Automotive
  • Real Estate
  • Social Media
  • Consultation
  • Concepts
  • Management
  • Film Work
  • Editing
  • Distribution
  • Content
  • Audience
  • Format
  • Budget
  • Time Frame
  • Equipment

The complexity of modern film production needn't bother you - we take care of it. With experience and passion.

Dynamic video take by drone of two mountainbikers chasing down a mountain.

We for you.

We offer one-stop concept, film work, and video creation. Tailored to your requirements with select drones and licensed pilots. No matter if Austria or world wide, our experience delivers distinguished images. Starting as low as 999 €.*

*depending on workload, obligation, commitment - passion is our motivation, let's get in touch

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