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Feministic Mountain Bike Film

A mountain bike women carries her bike on shoulders.

A mountain bike adventure with a voice

A unique combination of true enduro mountain biking mixed with serious feminism. Loose yourself in epic alpine landscapes of Tyrol and find yourself in empowering social critique. Entertaining, full of MTB action, and with an important message. A modern movie sitting between fiction and documentation. Bridging the genres and conventions - no matter if you are just out for sports action or crave for more.

The mountain bike woman Maria riding her enduro bike on a scenic, technical trail.

Reality meets creativity

With all the preparation and preplanning the weather still has the last words: Here it played ball and delivered exactly the mystic mood this segment was supposed to have. The key section was only half-acted: the struggle was as real as the success. It is important for the heroine, played by Maria, to have room for error and therefore development. Fun-fact: This trail was the only one of the three MTB-parts previously known to Maria.

Two women carry their mountain bikes across a river in the Alps, a steep mountain is in the background.

MTB x art x feminism

The second MTB part was also the longest to film: Far-off easy to reach tourism paths there is a beautiful alpine landscape. The soundtrack here is written by Marias sister - one of the important contributions enriching this film project. As are the title painting, podcast, and rap song of a variety of contributors. The ideas behind the movie carry through to the production of such.

A mountain biker in steep alpine terrain of Austria.

Filming & riding in the high Alps

On the go with minimal filming equipment and a skilled Maria: To realize such a production with low budget, you need excellent preparation and a well attuned team - especially in difficult to reach, high alpine terrain. The third MTB part was ment to fully evolve Marias role as herione, from epic FPV-drone shots to playfully clearing tecnically difficult sections. And in reality it looks quite a bit steeper than on screen...

Replication of 1950s cake preparation. Two feminists sitting at the Innsbruck river and are in discussion.

Beautiful images & pointed content

From the beginngin on the sketches bridging the segments are ment to provide true contributions and not just eye-candy. Entertainment is important to keep the serious and real topics easily accessible. Originally it was planned to include a wider variety of feministic activists, maybe the combination of topics was too niche. Nonetheless the base idea of enriching an entertaining sports movie with meaning carries through the movie. The goal was and is to have positive societal impact.
So if you can, support positive undertakings. -

AdventureGraph e.U., Fabian Lehmann

Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria


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